2020 is... well its a challenge

2020 has been an interesting challenge.  This time of year is usually my crazy busy season.  I'm at a craft faire every weekend.  I realize now, how much I like chatting with people and seeing what they react to, what they touch vs what they buy.  This year, there are no shows.  Even my beloved art club had to take their show online.  I choose mostly small shows.  They benefit schools and charities.  I realized something last week, as they bravely offer to promote their vendors for free, even though they are getting nothing out of it.  So I decided to give each show or club a portion of my profits, just 10% of that club's sales, but this could be significant for the band, or the class trip to Washington DC or the charity or my beloved art club.  So I encourage you to shop the club sale, shop tiny, shop local.  Not only will the person you buy from probably do their version of a happy dance, but someone else might benefit too. 

Here is where you can find my favorites that have gone online this year. 

East Valley Artists - www.eastvalleyartists.com.  This is a juried show and a sale.  you can vote for people's choice awards, you can even win small giveaways, two of my favorite's are in today's giveaways.  You can see my page and my art here. http://www.eastvalleyartists.com/public-show-3d and my artist page here http://www.eastvalleyartists.com/shelly-woollvin (full disclosure I am President of this club)

CT English Home and School Club https://www.ctehsc.org/fundraising/holiday-craft-faire. This show benefits the school and they sell wreathes to raise money for the 8th graders trip to Washington DC.  They also have kids as vendors.  They make jewelry and wooden boxes and other things.  My favorite this year is lego jewelry.  You can see posts and links for all their vendors on the Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1910783055808591 or you can see their Faire Web page here https://www.ctehsc.org/fundraising/holiday-craft-faire

Lynbrook Instrumental Music Boosters https://www.facebook.com/limb.faire This is usually a really fun one day show, where the band members help set up and take down and carry all your stuff to your car.  They are a really great group and I as disappointed to not be in their show this year.  Just really nice people.  

The largest online show is SFETSY, were 300 vendors are in a great look book and there are live demos and videos introducing the vendors.  I will be live today at 2:00 https://sfetsystreetteam.splashthat.com/ you can also see my Etsy shop on this page.  

There are other favorites, but they are not online, this year.  Hopefully I can tell you all about them next year if we are back in person! 



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