About Perle di Vetro

Perle di Vetro is Italian for glass beads.  I am completely fascinated with taking a simple rod of glass a beautiful shiny bead.  Here's how I got into it, for 7 years I was fortunate to be a stay at home mom to a great little guy and wife to a wonderful husband. In October of 2015 they gave me my first torch, a Hot Heat Torch, and some sticks of effettre glass. I was instantly fascinated with the ability to melt rods of glass into round beads, very few of my beads are actually round these days, but they all start out that way. Some of them were wonky and some of the colors did strange things, but I was totally addicted. Once I got a kiln, so my beads would last, rather than crack, I was really into my new hobby. I knew I wanted to do this for a living. So I practiced a lot, watched videos, read books and started making beads I was happy with. I made them into a necklace, then a bracelet, then I decide to try some earrings. And a neighbor asked me if I would sell her a bracelet. And more often it would happen, people started asking where I sold my pieces. Wow! Maybe this would work! I decided to launch Perle di Vetro!   I strive to make items that that are fun to wear and to give. Each glass bead is handmade, by me, in my studio.  I anneal them in a digitally controlled kiln, for strength.  The beads are then cleaned, some are made into jewelry but most are now sold to other artisans to make into jewelry.