Are giveaways still a thing?

My art club is hosting an online art show. When we do in person shows we have several giveaways that people can buy tickets for and can get an entry in the giveaway by voting for people's choice awards.  We have continued the giveaways in our online show. Today you can win one of my popular wave necklaces.  These are by far, my most popular item.  If you want to win one you can stop  by the EVA online show today and vote or just enter to win this necklace. 

You can see the art show here: 

In order to vote, choose one of the 5 categories, check out the art work and then scroll down to the bottom of the page, enter your name, your email address (which is only used for contacting you if you win), the number of your favorite piece and choose the giveaway item you want.  Today at 8 pm a winner will be chosen via random number generator.

You can see my artist's profile here: 

If you look around at the other artist's profiles, there are two more chances to be entered in the drawings.  scroll to the bottom of each page to find the entry forms.  You can choose the same giveaway for all seven entries, or choose to enter into all three entries.  

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