Do ocean bead have to be blue?

I have recently begun experimenting with color.  Well, I have always experimented with color, but I was fairly traditional.  I was in the studio making lampwork glass Beach Beads and Tide Pool Beads and I was inspired to try some new colors.  I mean not everyone who loves the beach, wants to wear blue jewelry.  So I started experimenting with color, first pink, then red, then purple! I put them out in the wild and people loved them! You can find most of these on my Ocean and Beach Beads Page.  And if you don't see what you want, drop me a line, I love to mix up colors for customer requests! These tide pool beads make great tide pool jewelry. 

Ocean Beads and Tidepool beads in new colors, pink, purple, red and traditional blue and teal and aqua.

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