Pictures in The Flow Magazine!

There's something really exciting about having your work in an industry magazine.  For the first time, I submitted photos for the Women in Glass issue of The Flow Magazine.  I was nervous to send in my work, you want to have a voice, you want to have your own voice, and not have your work look like someone else's or even worse everyone else's.  So I was nervous and sent in photographs of two of my pieces.  Two necklaces that I was particularly please with, that I didn't think looked like any one else's work.  When I got the proof and there was my poppy necklace.  Love that necklace.  Well the magazine came out... and they moved my necklace.  TO PAGE 4!!!  I was shocked, excited, there my have been a happy dance.  Thank I turned to the gallery, and find the page its supposed to be on and there is the second necklace that I submitted. Whoohooo!  Two photographs of my pieces.  There was definitely a happy dance.  I was so pleased.  Not only to be included in the gallery, but to have my work on a completely unrelated page.  I think I am finding my jewelry voice, it is full of clear vibrant colors, casual yet sophisticated designs, full of the beauty of nature.  


The Flow Magazine's 16th Annual Galler of Women in Glass is available here:

The necklaces I talk about in this blog can be found here:


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