Trying out new colors

#coloricombo week 19 was my second week trying new colors in Este MacLeod's color prompts. This week was Baby Blue, Mint, Pistachio and Peach. 

Peach was a challenge because I have nothing resembling peach in my color palette. I mixed colors to get peach and it was really interesting. In paint I would have mixed red, yellow and white. In glass that gave me a really pretty brown. In the end, I used opal yellow, rhea and white to make a nice vibrant peach. I preferred the depth I got with a combination of opaque and transparent colors. I might be getting into color mixing, lots of fun, even if my first attempt made brown instead of peach.  Here are the rods I chose to start with. 

Then I was stymied on what to make, I tried a feather bead and it was ummmmm gross. These colors did not play well with the ivory background.

However, they did make lovely dot beads and the transparent made gorgeous hollow beads. I never figured out a transparent peach, but I really liked this color challenge.  It’s interesting to add colors that are outside my normal palette.  These beads will go in my trunk show this week, if I don’t decide to make them into a jewelry set.  I made this necklace with some of the beads.

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