Winning is fun, but I really love is sharing in the creative process

I have recently challenged my self to enter in to as many contests and Challenges as I can.  Some are for prizes, some are just recognition, some go into magazines, some are just to stretch my creative muscles.  I belong to a lovely local art club called East Valley Artists.  Each month we have an Artist of the Month competition.  in January I decided I would enter something every month.  The first month, it was a collaborative piece with my friend Sloane, who throws pottery.  last month I entered a necklace.  March, well, I still have two weeks to figure out March.  It think it will be something to do with the sea.  Sloane and I won in January.  I won in February.  I'm always pleased and surprised to win, such an honor in a club with so much talent.  This purple necklace is the one that won for February.  Its on the web page.

But the real pleasure for me has been to see how the artists in the club come together, the comments on work they like or conversations on new techniques they have tried this month.  Some successful, some not.  But it's a lovely camaraderie that emerges in the middle of the competition.  We have a mix of 2D and 3D artist, some do both.  Some people submit work once or twice a year, some participate every month.  Some artists have distinct style or voice, you know instantly whose work it is.  Some artists will surprise every month, because you never know what medium they will choose. I really like to try new things, but with in a specific medium, all of my work involves glass.  And recently someone on Facebook said they were scrolling through and though "oh, that looks like Shelly's work" and it was, so I think that I am finding my voice.  I hope you will enjoy it.  

See January's submission here:

Check out my friend Sloane's amazing pottery on Instagram @handmade_by_sloane or check out here Gallery


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