1. “Night Watcher”, Glass, 1.5x1x0.5” January, 2022

snowy egret at sunset

2. “Snowy Egret at Sunset”, Glass, 1.5 x 0.5, December 2021

3. “Ammonites”, Glass, Series of 5 beads 1.5x1x0.5” February 2021


purple glass flower on sterling silver necklace

4. “Purple”, Glass and Silver, 2” pendant on an 18”silver necklace, November 2019

orange glass flower on sterling silver necklace with silver beads

moon on silver hanger

6. The Moon and Venus, Glass and Metal, 1.5 inch Cabochon on Metal Base, August 2020


ceramic bow with handmade glass beads 

7. Coastal Collaboration, Glass and Ceramic, 20” bowl with glass beads, August 2020

blue reef bead with jelly fish and other sea creatures 

8. Blue Reef, Glass, 2x1.5”, 2021

Koi fish in bas relief on blue glass

9. Koi Pond, 1”x .5” lentil beads, April 2020

10. Spots, Dots and Polka Dots, Glass, Leather and silver, 2020

jewelry set in copper and silver with hand made glass leaves in fall colors of red, orange, and yellow.

11. Fallen, Glass and Copper, 24” necklace with bracelet and earrings, September 2018

gorgeous purple tide pool bead with dichroic

12. Purple Tide Pool, Glass, 1.5x1x0.5”,March 2022

yellow tang hand made glass sculpture

13. Tang, Glass, 2.5X1.5x0.75”, Glass Spring 2022

hand sculpted glass owl

14. Owl, Glass, 1.5x 0.75” August 2022

 night sky with the planets and the moon in alignment

15. Alignment, Glass, 2x1x0.75, January 2022