Birds on the fence a sunset bead. Silhouette of a tree and bird.

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Back Fence Birds

This bead starts with a base of white, stringers of blue, pink and yellow, then it is encased in clear.  I then draw in black glass. Similar design on both sides.

SB: $35

BIN $45

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The specs:

Height (hole to hole): 35mm

23 mm width

13 mm depth

2.5mm hole


*This bead is made to order, your bead will be made with the same elements, but may be slightly different, but just as beautiful.  Please allow 1 week, for me to make the bead and shipping time.  If you need your item more quickly please contact me.  

I handcraft each glass bead in my studio with a torch and immediately put it into a digitally controlled kiln to stabilize or anneal the glass.  Annealing usually happens overnight. 

Not made for children.