Blue Tide Pool Bead

Blue Tide Pool Bead

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Do you love exploring the rocky shores, and all the little tide pools? I love looking at all the little creatures that live there on the verge.  This bead starts with a gorgeous blue. And has a side horizontal bead hole.   Decorated with silvered ivory, fine stingers of silver glass, swirled with a wave and decorated on the front with water droplets and a gorgeous murrini that reminds me of the anemones when they close up on the sides of rocks as the tide goes out. 

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The specs: 

Height (hole to hole): 34mm 

Width: 24mm

Depth at thickest point: 15mm 

Bead hole: 2.5mm

I handcraft each glass bead in my studio with a torch and immediately put it into a digitally controlled kiln to stabilize or anneal the glass.  Annealing usually happens overnight. 

Not made for children.