Poppy and Quail necklace

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This lovely necklace embraces my love of the California country side. A quail pendant is surrounded by poppies and lovely silvery green leaves.  

I'm a big fan of summer, but winter brings one thing that I crave seeing each year. The rains come in California and then we get a riot of wild flowers. Specifically I wait each year for the appearance of the California Poppy. Its a humble little thing, the flowers only have 4 petals, but the beautiful orange pops out against the vivid green of the post rain fields and it is just stunning. I have tried to capture that in this necklace. The leaves are made from silver glass for a lovely sheen and the poppies have Swarovski crystals for sparkle.

Each of my art glass beads are made in my home studio in California, and goes directly from flame to digitally controlled kiln.  My work is inspired by the beauty of California, oceans, beaches, wild flowers, and some times my imagination.  


*not made for Children